As per Hinduism 'Devata & Devi's are treated like human beings. "Yatha Dehi, Tatha Deva". In Lord's day-to-day life his dressing, and his foodstuff are done accordingly.

Lord Akhandaleswar wakes up early morning at 4 am in Summer and 4.30 am in other seasons.
Mangal Arati is performed on the previous days Bada Singhar Besha. After that the Lord is offered Mangala Arati Naibidya.
After that the Palia (Sevak) breaks Bada Singhar Bhesa and maha snana (Holy bathing) in Panchamrita (Honey, Ghee, Milk, Curd & Gud) is done.

Digambara Besha

After the bath the lord remains naked and devotees get a darshan of his Digambara Besha. The Lord offered Balya Bhoga (sweets of different kinds) and Morning Arati is done.
The lord remains naked till 1pm. That is perhaps to show his "Satya Swarupa" the eternal truth. After clothing, the truth is covered on the originality is also covered. It also facilitates sevaks to have Gharsana in Panchamrita on the deity. Actually the semi liquid substance of Abhiseka Panchamrita is like Amrit on earth and has miraculous capacity to cure any dreaded disease.

Pahadakia Bhoga

Lord Akhandaleswar takes his partial rice meal at 10.30 am. The prasad offered to him consists of  rice, dal and some varieties of curries.

Yogi Besha & Niti Bhoga
Before his mid day meal Lord Akhandaleswar is decorated in Yogi Besha. When he wearing white dhoti and sandal paste and Tillak marks are made on his forehead.
In such dress, he proves his simple way of living and midday meal is offered at 1.30pm and 'Bada Dhupa' with arati prasads offered to him. After this the Lord takes a bath for mukhaswada and takes rest atleast for one hour.
Badasinghara Besha & Sandhya Arati

Lord Akhandaleswar wakes up at 4.00pm. The Bada sringari does Bada Singhara Besha. In this Besha the Lords Body is decorated with many types of flowers. He wears a "Mukuta" (Crown) on his head and two golden eyes with a golden nose and golden Chita and his forehead is decorded with sandal paste and tilak. This is the best Besha among all and is done every day and available to devotees after 4.30pm. The lord remains in this Besha till the next morning.

Sandhya Arati time differs from season to season, because it is done after sun set and after "Godhuli" Lagna. As the sun set time differs from season to season,  in summer Sandhya arati is done around 6.30 pm. In winter it is done around 5.30pm Sandhya arati is followed by ladu prasad made from Suji, Ghee, Sugar ete.

Batula Bhoga & Ratra Pahad

Pahada (Sleep) at night also differs from season to season. In winter it is done by 10pm. But in summer it is done at 11.pm. after Batula Bhoga. Batula Bhoga is a night meal of Lord Akhandaleswar. Along with it, rice with varieties of curries are offered to the deity. The meal is followed by Sesha Dhupa  (Last Arati) of the day. Then the Lord takes rest. His movable image goes to bed and the temple is closed.

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