Crocodile Sanctury

A world famous crocodile sanctuary at Bhitarakanika is connected with this shrine along waterway. Tourists can visit this site to enjoy the natural beauty of the mangroves and the nest of crocodiles and deer.

Turtle Sanctuary


There is a world famous turtle sanctuary and breeding location at Gahiramatha which is connected along river way.
            Its incredible beauty is an invaluable feast to the visitor's eye.

Rajkanika Palace

The temple of Lord Akhandaleswar is situated in the middle of the erstwhile Rajakanika Kingdom is a proud possession of the kingdom. It was built by the then king Harihar Bhanja Deo and his queen Satyabhama Pata Mahadei.
            The amazingly beautiful palace is situated at Rajakanika is about 14 Kms away from this shrine. Pre independence history of Orissa tells about the erstwhile kingdom and the king.



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