Devine Mystery of Lord Akhandalamani

If goddess of knowledge, Devi Saraswati, starts writing the virtue of Asuthosa (another name of Lord Shiva) with earth as paper, ocean as ink, and branch of Murbee (a tree) as pen, then paper may possibly end, ink may finish, but what will remain un ended is the precious mystery of Lord Siva Sankar.  In that case, for an ordinary human being, this task is more than impossible. With a minimum and limited knowledge about invisible Siva and his mystery, some human realized facts have been presented to make the devotees closer to Lord Akhandalamani.

On entering the Akhandalamani temple premises one can notice the devotees wearing saffron with their faces almost covered by moustache and beard. One of them is Prusottam Sethi.


Purusottam is a dweller of the village Goberdhanapur in Rajnagar. He had been spending a happy family life with his father Mathuri Setthi, wife Sukanti, two lovely daughters Parvati and Saraswati and son Manivadra. One day he felt pain in his stomach which increased time by time. He became terrified with the increasing stomach pain. To get reed of this unbearable pain, he visited many clinics and consulted many doctors. But none of these helped him.

At last he went to Dr. S. P. Sing, a cancer specialist in S.C.B Medical Cuttack. After a thorough check up, Dr. Singh confirmed it as an incurable last stage stomach cancer.  Purusottam could not believe this.  He went to Dr. Niranjana Tripatthi. Afer all check ups Dr. Tripatthi gave similar statement and mentioned that he cannot survive more than two months. Life became a dark truth for Purusottam. When the selfish man looses all hopes, he surrenders himself before god and theist becomes atheist. From the darkness of fraustration, he saw a twinkling light of hope. Purusottama heard about Akhandalamni Mahima. Without delaying, he left his family and all attachments behind. He devoted his life to Akhandalamani. He continues his Dharana with Chanduka and Gharsana and chanting Siva mantra and Mahima for thirteen days. On last part of thirteenth night, Purusottam was surprised and little terrified seeing the darkness of night through wide opened door. The biggest surprise for him was the appearance of a saint from that darkness. Saint was sitting on an ox, his face was partially filled with hairs, and neck was covered with snake like necklace. With a little smile the saint said, “Hai Purusottam! I am satisfied with your pray, you will be cured very soon.” Suddenly Purusottam woke up from sleep.
Next day he felt no pain. He continued a normal life. After being cured, he went back to this family. But something else had written in his fate. In a very few days he was completely paralyzed. He could not found any other way out, except coming back to Akhandalamani.
Since that day (2004) he has been staying in Akhandalamani indulging himself in Shiva Vakti, chanting Siva mantra and taking Dhanda, Chanduka and Gharsana. The modern medical technology predicted limited life span (two months) of Purusottam has been extended by the blessings of Siva Sankara. Purusottam is one of the devotees blessed by lord Akhandalamani.

Akhandalamani and Village guard
It was the deep mid night of 18th January 2006. Under the thick, dark blanket of cool midnight almost every life in the earth were dreaming with deep sleep. Tired Ashok Mallick, the village guard, was preparing himself to sleep in the lap of the night. Ashok locked the doors of the temple and went to Bhoga Mandapa to sleep. Time was around 1.30 am, Ashok saw a handsome mid aged Youngman in his dream. Youngman was wearing a Dhoti and fastened a white cloth around waist. Youngman slapped Ashok.

Ashok was frightened and stunned by the peculiar behavior of the stranger.

Stranger — have you realized your mistake?
Ashok — yes
Stranger — hold your ears with your hands and start doing sit up. Shocked Ashok followed his words.
Stranger — kneel down. Ashok kneeled down.
Stranger — how much you earn?
Ashok — five rupees sir.
Stranger ­— how dare you to keep the keys of one crore wealth under the pillow?
Ashok — Sorry

Stranger — now you go to Shiva Ganga, take a bath, offer your prayer to me, drink Chanduka and then tell everything to others.


Ashok suddenly woke up from deep sleep. Tears rolled down from his eyes. His mouth was repeating, “Oh god! I committed mistake”. Soon after realizing his situation, he left his bed. He took a bath in holy Siva-Ganga without caring the questions of other village guard. Then he hurried to the temple to offer his pray and stood in front of closed doors up to morning 4 o’ clock. After completion of his prayer and Mangal Arati, he drank chanduka and went straight to the temple office. All the temple staffs and priests watching him are very curious to know the reason behind his peculiar activities. Ashok disclosed the dream and also state the true reason behind the dream.  Last night after locking the temple doors, he had gone to executive officer Mr. Umacharana Pattniak to hand over the keys. The absence of Mr. Pattniak compelled him to keep the keys. But he carelessly kept the keys under his pillow before sleeping.
This incident forced devotees to realize that Akhandalamani is ever awakening vigilant doing his duty day and night and caring for minute mistakes.

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