.According to Hinduism, the existence of earth is divided into four epochs, namely Satya, Tretaya, Dwapara and Kali.Now it is the reign of 'Kali Yug'. The first three Yugas have elapsed. Mythology tells about the miraculous advent of Lord Akhandaleswar from Satya Yug.




.In Satya Yuga, Lord Shiva having many odd practices was treated as an Ashistha Devata. Satya Yug is the best of all Yugs. Saints, pundits, priests used to perform Yagnya for the betterment of Earth.

.Once some great sages (Maharshis) performed a Maha Yagnya at Naimisyaranya. which continued for several days. One day Lord Shiva appeared there naked. Maharshis present there felt insulted and cursed him that his linga (penis ) fall from his body.

The linga felldown on earth and continued burning everything, which came under its contact. It seemed that Rudra Dev in shape of the linga was burning everything and if not stopped will burn everything. Feeling helpless, the Maharshis prayed to Lord Bishnu to help them. Lord Bishnu told that only Jagadamba ( Shakti) can control the fire as well as the linga. As per their prayer, Devi Jagadamba came to their rescue. Maharshis as well as Deva, Danava, Manushya and all living beings prayed to the mighty Lord Shiva. From that day linga puja started and Lord Shiva (Lord Akhandaleswar) was treated as a "Shista Devata". This way the Lord proved his mighty nature and gained devotion from everyone.
Satya Yuga passed and Tretaya Yuga approached. Lord Bishnu took the Avtar as "Purushottam Rama Chandra". The demon king of Lanka, Ravan was a burden on earth. He stole Sita, wife of Rama Chandra . Lord Rama waged a furious war with the help of "Banara Raja Sugriba". In course of war Indrajita, son of Ravan struck Laxman fatally. Laxman was severely wounded. To cure him, Hanuman forcibly brought Rajabaidya of Lanka Susena. As per as his advice Hanuman brought the Gandhamardan hill. After medicine was prepared Susena said to Hanuman to bring Manisila from his residence. Due to herbal Abhiseka on Manisila with the prepared medicine,
Laxman got back his life. After the war was over, Rama Chandra, Bibhisan, Hanuman returned to their kingdoms and the Manisila that lay there is today's linga of Akhandaleswar.
Tretaya passed giving way to Dwaper Yuga and Lord Bishnu took the Avatar of Krishna to fulfill unfinished work  of Lord Rama. At that time there were some kingdoms on earth ruled by demon kings. One of them was Vanasura. Mythology mentions that Vanasura was the ruler of a vast land and was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. By virtue of his penance he propifiated Lord Shiva and got a boon from him that guaranteed to save his kingdom from enemy, if so needed. He was also blessed with thousands of hands.

Historians, too, believe that his kingdom extended from present Balasore District to Jajpur District. In his time he had built many Shiva temples. One of them at Balasore was named as Vaneswar temple. Another temple he had built for his daughter Usha in the delta of Baitarani and Salandi at Aradi. In course of time, Lord Krishna's grandson Anirudha (Son of Pradyumna) fell in love with Usha. Her dearest friend Chitrangada kidnapped Anirudha and brought him to Usha's bedroom by applying black magic. Vanasura, through his secret agents came to know about the incident and forcibly arrested him. Hearing the story from Devarsi Narada, Lord Krishna came to the rescue of Anirudha. A violent war took place. Lord Shiva with "Shivaganas" stood for the safety of Vanasura. Lord Krishna prayed to Lord Shiva(Akhandaleswar) to be neutral and permit him to punish Vanasura for his behaviour. With the permission of Lord Akhandaleswar, Lord Krishna  pressed Vanasuara in an undone condition by applying his Zrumdhana Astra. Except two hands all other hands of Vanasura were cut off with sudarshan chakra. Vanasura realised his mistake and took shelter of Lord Srikrishna as well as Lord Akhandaleswar. By a severe earth quake, the then Lord Akhandaleswar temple was demolished Lord Akhandaleswar the mighty Lord, as His practice sat for a never ending Yoga under the earth. The plough of Zamindar Niladri Samar Sing Mohaptra's worker broke his Yoga. Lord Akhandaleswar woke-up from his Yoga Nidra.
May be, it is a wish of the lord because everything happens as per His desire. In Kali Yuga, only Ashutosh is the medium of spiritual attainment.

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